domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

Atiracan Association of Friends of sharks and rays of the Canary Islands

Atiracan Association of Friends of sharks and rays of the Canary Islands We are a non-governmental environmental and non-profit organization whose primary objective is to protect and defend the sharks and rays of the Canary Islands. Educate and raise awareness about the importance of these species is essential for this. ATIRACAN performs various actions:

• Campaign for the Canaries is a sanctuary for sharks and rays. It is a figure of international protection in the fishing and trade with products made from these species is prohibited. Protecting elasmobranchs internationally is sporadic and limited. As there are 8 in the world: Honduras, Tokelau, Palau, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Bahamas, Dominica and British Virgin Islands.

• Campaign sportfishing elasmobranch. There Canary companies that violate current legislation and fish these species, particularly the hammerhead shark and angelfish. • Campaign for finning ban (finning) shark. Cruel practice of cutting the fins and throw the shark back into the sea where certain death awaits. • Combat the sale of products made from these species.

• Dissemination of scientific knowledge about these animals, especially young students. • non-violent direct action against the violation of the laws that protect these marine species.

• Collaboration in defensive actions to protect our marine environment.


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